Linear Causation Schemes in Post-genomic Biology: The Subliminal and Convenient One-to-one Genotype-Phenotype Mapping Assumption

José Dávila-Velderrain, Elena Álvarez-Buylla Roces


Abstract | In this essay we question the validity of basic assumptions in molecular biology and evolution on the basis of recent experimental data and through the lenses of a systems and nonlinear perspective. We focus our discussion on two well-established foundations of biology: the flow of information in molecular biology (i.e., the central dogma of molecular biology), and the “causal” linear signaling pathway paradigm.Under both paradigms the subliminal assumption of a one-to-one genotype-phenotype mapping (GPM) constitutes an underlying working hypothesis in many cases. We ask if this is empirically sustainable in post-genomic biology. We conclude that when embracing the notion of complex networks and dynamical processes governing cellular behavior — a view now empirically validated — one-to-one mapping can no longer be sustained. We hypothesize that such subliminal and sometimes explicit assumption may be upheld, to a certain degree, because it is convenient for the private appropriation and marketing of scientific discoveries. Hopefully, our discussion will help smooth the undergoing transition towards a more integrative, explanatory, quantitative and multidisciplinary systems biology. The latter will likely also yield more preventive and sustainable medical and agricultural developments, respectively, than a reductionist approach.

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