The Applied-Ethical Structural Synthesis of International Development

Nikos Astroulakis


The paper challenges the mainstream stance in the study of applied ethics
in international development. Applied ethics is positioned at the macro-social level
of global ethics while a specific codification is attempted by formulating international development based on its structural synthesis, in a threefold level: First, the structural synthesis –associated with the framework of existing international development policy–can be found in the ‘market relations’. Second, the analysis specifies the policies applied at the national level and the role of nation-state policy. Third, the paper criticizes the international development institutions’ policies. In each of the levels mentioned above, the analysis reveals the fundamental policy theory issues of neoclassical economics, as the intellectual defender of free market economics.

Palabras clave

applied ethics; international development; neo-classical economics; freemarket economy; Nation-State policy; neo-liberal institutionalism

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