On the experimental analysis of human behavior

William Buskist, David Morgan, David Morgan, Dudley J. Terrell, David Morgan, Dudley J. Terrell, Dudley J. Terrell


The experimental analysis of human behavior (EAHB) represents the rnost significant,if immature, component of the science of human behavior. Reasons for EAHB’s current immaturity include: the small number of operant researchers actively pursuing human re­search, researchers’ unwavering adherence to an operant chamber paradigm, and a consi­derable lack of breadth of the behavioral phenomena investigated by operant researchers.

Suggestions for improving EAIIBs status as a science of behavior are discussed, and in­clude: a broadening of empirical scope to include behavior riot traditionally investigated by operant researchers, reassessment of the use of the standard operant chamber, and a willingness on the part of human operant researchers to familiarize themselves with. re­levant “nonbehavioral” and “nonpsychological” Iiterature. Finally, while an evaluation of contemporary LALIB finds it wanting of methodological innovation, its prospects are nonetheless strengthened by a sophisticated and comprehensive theory of behavior.


Human behavior

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Dr. Carlos J. Flores-Aguirre


ISSN: 0185-4534

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