Concurrent procedures, changeover delay and the choice behavior of rats

Joao Cláudio Todorov, Luis Enrique Acuña Santadlla, Olinda Falcón Sanguinetti


A three-operanda procedure was used to study the behaviur of rats on concurrent variable-interval, variable-interval schedules. Iii Experiment 1 this new procedure was cornpared to the known “two-bar” and “changeover bar” procedures when the length of a changeover delay was vaxied. Iii Experiment 2 the three-operanda procedure was used, withuut a changeover delay, and diffcrent palis uf concurrent schedules were used lii six experimental conditions. The absence of a changeover delay did not preclude the observatiun of lawful relationships between behavior and consequences. Results indicated that with a procedure in which each schedule is associated with a different operandum, and changeovers are topugraphkally different from concurrent operants, relative behavior rneasures are sensitive tu relative reinforcement rate, even with ram as subjects.


matching, changeover delay, concurrent procedures, chain pull, bar press, rats

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Dr. Carlos J. Flores-Aguirre

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