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Ana Silvia de Lima Vielmo
Ailton Borges Rodrigues
Fabiola Tomassoni
Maria Eliza Nagel Hassemer


The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate the performance of a nonwoven (NT) with cellulosic material from cigarette butts. The NT used as a filtering medium had a diameter of 7 cm, height of 24 cm, a surface area of 528 cm2 and a total volume of 692 cm3. The NT was applied for the filtration of water from a pond. To evaluate NT performance, NT characterization, grammage, absorption capacity and permeability analyzes were performed. The results showed that NT was characterized as a microporous material and presented a good absorption performance (values in the order of 4.01 g g-1 to 4.99 g g-1), weight of 115 g m-2, permeability between 3.787 L m-² h-1 and 3.422 L m-² h-1. The NT developed showed potential for use as a filtering medium for the surface water pre-treatment. In addition to helping to reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by the residues of cigarette butts present in the environment.

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Vielmo , A. S. de L., Rodrigues , A. B. ., Tomassoni, F. ., & Hassemer , M. E. N. . (2022). NONWOVEN DEVELOPMENT AND CHARACTERIZATION PRODUCED FROM CIGARETTE BUTTS. Revista AIDIS De Ingeniería Y Ciencias Ambientales. Investigación, Desarrollo Y práctica, 15(3), 1046–1057.