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Gary Novark


Behavioral Systems Theory <881) is the confluence of principies from behavior analysis and dynamical systems theory applied to human development. BSI takes a natural science approach to the study of the changas in bahavior/anvironment relationships ovar tha lifespan. ln BSI, simple mechanisms produce complex developmantal outcomas. Iba parallelism between natural seiection and learning ¡5 emphasized and the importance of principIes of operant Iearning in development is stressed. Development is considerad to be multidirectional, multiply determinad and multileveled. Among the BSI principies described are reciprocai daterminism, nonlinearity, coalescent organization, leading parts, control parameters, and attractor states. Ihe role of contingencias in organizing patterns of behavior is presentad. Weight is placed on davelopment as skills learning.

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Novark, G. (2011). A BEHAVIORAL SYSTEMS THEORY OF DEVELOPMENT. Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 1(2), 181–196. https://doi.org/10.5514/rmac.v1.i2.27102